We cook.  We eat.  We have food comas.

I will admit, before Steve was in my life, I was a bit intimidated by the kitchen.  I could make a mean grilled cheese, but that was about it.  Plus, it was so hard to cook for just one.  Then one day, I stumbled across the Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network and with Ina and Steve on my side...I have the courage!

Now, we both love to do it and alternate who makes the meals.  We enjoy going to Eastern Market in downtown Detroit on Saturdays to get some fresh veggies, fruits and unique things we can only seem to find there.  We also really enjoyed registering for our wedding since we would have the opportunity to upgrade our college/first house tools to things "the pros use".  We love our Wustoff knives and All Clad pots and pans.  And I smile and pet my Grass Green Kitchen Aid mixer regularly. 

I started to document my trials in the kitchen on our recipe blog and sharing recipes with our Detroit Knotties.  Check it out!  http://amyvan317.blogspot.com